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Michaud ducks decision on immigration issue

U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin. BDN photo by Troy Bennett.

Recently, a new crisis with the potential to threaten national security has arisen. This time, it’s not in Israel, Syria, Ukraine, or Iraq, but in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The recent flood of illegal immigrants across our border with Mexico has a destabilizing effect in this country, on our economy as well as […]

Michaud embraces liberal hypocrisy on campaign finance reform

One of the most common displays of hypocrisy in American politics has landed in Maine, as Mike Michaud has joined other Democratic politicians who pretend to embrace campaign finance reform while utilizing every possible loophole in the mad dash for cash. This was particularly blatant recently, as a coalition of liberal special interests announced a […]

This Independence Day, let’s celebrate the idea of America

Soon, Mainers will be gathering across our state — from Belfast to Bridgton, Caribou to Kittery — to celebrate our Independence Day. When they do, they will be joining together to celebrate the founding of a nation that has meant much to the world over its 238 years of existence. As a nation, the United […]

GOP should recalibrate its primary firing mechanism

This week, as Mainers focused on the results of our 2nd Congressional District primary and the few legislative primaries scattered across the state, a political hurricane was bearing down on Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. In one of the biggest upsets in the history of American politics, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor – one of the […]

Differing opinions should be celebrated, not shut down

Usually, commencement comes and goes without much attention. Papers note speakers at their local schools; a few speeches that break the mold get national attention. Of course, the lack of controversy is because the vast majority of commencement speeches follow a certain easily recognizable template. The appeal is usually in hearing from a certain speaker, […]